Saab 340 MSA rollout is starting

There is a growing market for Saab’s surveillance aircraft throughout the world. The 340 MSA (Maritime Security Aircraft) aircraft is part of the Airborne Surveillance family and will be one of Saab’s growth areas in the coming years.

Many countries desperately need to increase their coastal surveillance – especially in light of the increasing number of offences being committed at sea in the form of oil spills, human trafficking, illegal fishing and piracy, to name a few.

Last year, Saab’s board decided to invest in the modification of a civil Saab 340 aircraft to a 340 MSA for demonstration and to sell to interested customers in need of maritime surveillance aircraft. The aircraft offers many advantages and is highly favourable in terms of cost compared with its competitors. The Saab 340 MSA is a multi-purpose aircraft, offering surveillance, transport and MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) capabilities. The cabin is of a high standard; equipped and furnished to provide a comfortable working environment. The technical platform offers a good overview of large coastal expanses, enabling a rapid response.

„Maritime Airborne Surveillance is a fast growing market throughout the world. With the 340 MSA, Saab has a market position where we will be seeing a substantial increase in airborne systems,” says Rickard Hjelmberg, Vice President, Maritime Surveillance Area within Support and Services.

A huge number of man hours have gone into transforming the Saab 340 into a 340 MSA with radar system and thermal imaging camera. The aircraft was on display for the first time at the Aerospace Forum Sweden in Linköping. It will be off to London and the Farnborough International Air Show followed by African Aerospace & Defence, which is being held in South Africa in September.

Source/Author: Saab