Indra supports Dubai airport

Using Dubai Airports’ existing GAREX installation which was commissioned by DCA Engineering Projects, Indra Navia has facilitated a seamless connection between Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central Airport, ensuring a smooth transition of approach.

Indra Navia has closely collaborated with Dubai Airports to ensure a seamless transition of Approach from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Al Maktoum International Airport DWC (JXB) Dubai World Central Airport.

Dubai Airports has greatly benefitted from two GAREX 220 VCCS installations, as this enabled the use of the GAREX E1 interconnection. This connection is a unique feature of the GAREX systems, which enables real-time access to resources at both airport locations and ensures a transparent and seamless transition without disruptions to airport operations.

”Indra Navia has displayed great commitment in creating a solution based on a thorough understanding of our needs. We are impressed with Indra Navia’s operative knowledge as well as the flexibility and ease-of-use of the GAREX communication system.” says Boy Louw, System Engineering Manager for the Dubai Approach Room Transition (DART) project.

“We appreciate the close cooperation we have with Dubai Airports, one of our key customers, and I am happy that we have achieved this together,” says Eldar Hauge, Managing Director of Indra Navia.

This project reinforces Indra Navia’s already prominent market position in the United Arab Emirates. Previous installations include deliveries to the Abu Dhabi Airports Company, General Civil Aviation Authority, Dubai Airports, and the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces.

Source/Author: Indra