Interview: Pieter Johnson from Xtended

Krzysztof Kuska: Could you tell us what is Xtended? Pieter Johnson: Xtended is an Internet radio programme or more often called a podcast. There are many aspects to Xtended but we are best known for our monthly aerospace radio programme. It’s free to download and can be found either at our website or through places … Czytaj dalej

Safran explains the revolutionary EGTS system

EGTS is one of th emost innovating technologies in aviaiton market so we have decided to ask Safran about this new product. 1. How does EGTS work and what are its main components? The electric green taxiing system uses power from the aircraft’s Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) generator to electrically power motors fitted to the … Czytaj dalej

Capt. Ryan „Neo” Bodenheimer describes the „Strike Eagle”

Today we would like to present an interview with Capt Ryan Bodenheimer, F-15E Strike Eagle pilot with the 389th Fighter Squadron at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho (366th Fighter Wing): 1. Have you always wanted to be a pilot? Mr. Kuska, thank you for reaching out to the 389th fighter squadron. It’s really cool … Czytaj dalej