“AN−132 is a big bird, that can take off fast and land fast” – Dr. Khaled Abdullah Alhussain, Director of National Aerospace Technology Center, KACST


Antonov−132 is a platform that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to utilize following demands of different organizations of the Kingdom as well as the aircraft operators. The need for this kind of aircraft is very justified in our country. The market has very high potential. We had a study that forecased very good number of this aircraft to be utilized in Saudi Arabia.

The reason that we want to develop this project in our country is the ANTONOV’s technology. ANTONOV is a great company which comes with this type of the aircraft, especially for short take off and landing, for very trouble missions, for missions at high elevated runways. They have very efficient systems for such operations.

We would be able to propose different versions of the aircraft for different users: for rescue missions, for passengers, etc. Transport aircraft that we are going to develop with ANTONOV will assist to transfer the technologies as for development of metallic airframe aircraft to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Gaining experience of ANTONOV, we are bringing in the programme great brands, companies, like Pratt&Whitney Canada, which provides the engines for the aircraft. The turboprop technology is very needed especially nowadays. The most of the transport and short−range passenger aircraft are optimized for turboprop. The turboprop is a good solution for regional missions. Also we are talking on the avionics with Honeywell to participate and provide us with glass cockpit and other avionics and electronic systems. Besides, we intend to use Dowty propellers.

So, we generated a cluster of aerospace industry in one platform of the AN−132. Nowadays, ANTONOV is constructing the aircraft−demonstrator AN−132. In the future we, ANTONOV and KACST together, will modernize, improve this aircraft. The future of this will be possibility to compete with any airplane of similar size and similar category. Among the modernized AN−132’s advantages will be fuel efficiency, altitude, landing environment, price.

We are entering the market with coalition of powerful partners to compete with any other similar brand.

Answering the question: “How do you imagine the AN−132?”, Dr. Khaled said: “This is a big bird, that can take off fast and land fast”.

Source / Author: Antonov
Photo: Antonov