ANTONOV passes long−distance tests

The ANTONOV Company continues working on program of the AN−70 wide−body medium military STOL transport. Having passed State joined tests the aircraft began performing long−distance flights. Among other flights there was one on the route: Kyiv – Odesa – Kharkiv – Lviv – Ivano−Frankivsk – Kyiv with duration of 8 hours and 8 minutes. The flight was performed by joined crew of the ANTONOV Company and State scientific−testing centre of Armed Forces of Ukraine (SSTC AF of Ukraine), the crew was headed by colonel Oleksandr Pakholchenko, mayor test pilot of SSTC AF of Ukraine.

Within this flight the AN−70 crossed thunderheads many times. Thus, it gave an opportunity to test operation of radar complex on detection and recognition of dangerous airborne moisture targets that received a high appraisal. Besides, the AN−70 successfully passed test in natural icing conditions. All the systems were operating in standard mode. During the flight temperature fields, levels of vibration and noise at the crew members’ working places and cargo compartment were under control.

Thus, the AN−70 confirmed all declared characteristics and was highly appreciated by the test crew of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

An-70 long distance test

Source / Author: Antonov

Photo: Antonov