The AN−225 Mriya relieves the Philippines

On November 14, 2013 the world’s largest airplane AN−225 Mriya owned by ANTONOV Airlines returned to its base in Kiev after performing transportation of a large Siemens transformer and associated equipment from Zagreb, Croatia, to Cebu, the Philippines. That delivery within the shortest possible time was vital in order to facilitate the resumption of full−power operation of the San Lorenzo Power Station.

This air transportation challenge could only be met by the AN−225. The transformer weight was 136 t, and total weight of the cargo reached 180t. To realize this operation, it was necessary to use a special frame. ANTONOV’s designers produced the preliminary design of the transporting frame which provided even distribution of the transformer load on the airplane’s cargo cabin floor. The total weight of the monocargo (transformer with the frame) was 155t.

UTC Overseas Logistics Ltd (Budapest, Hungary) became the project forwarder on behalf of Siemens− Koncar Power Transformers Ltd (Zagreb, Croatia).

Zagreb airport received the AN−225 for the first time. Arrival of the world’s largest aircraft attracted the attention of thousands of people who came to the airport to see the loading process.

Landing of the airplane in Cebu airport required close study beforehand and coordination of special procedures and the crew actions with the administration of the airport and aviation authorities of the Philippines.

Before the aircraft departed from Zagreb, Hayan typhoon hit the Philippines, its epicenter passing over Cebu. Nevertheless, the authorities had time to resume work at the airport before the planned arrival of the airplane, and the AN−225 successfully delivered its cargo to the point of destination.

This transportation proved once again Antonov Airlines’ leading position in the world market of oversized cargoes airlift and the company’s slogan: “No other name carries more weight”.


Source / Author: Antonov

Photo: Antonov